How To Join an Expert Chat on the JobsForHer Groups

  • Kaajal A
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  • 20 Sep 2019


Having trouble joining an Expert Chat on the JobsForHer Groups?

Well, we’re here to take you through the process!

Let’s begin!



Step 1: Click on the link that leads to the chat.

Step 2: Once you’ve reached the page, if you are not part of the Group, click on ‘Join’. 

If you are already a member, the page will open to the Expert Chat post – most likely the pinned post (topmost) will be the Expert Chat itself.

Step 3: Scroll down to the comments INSIDE the Expert Chat and post your question in the box that reads ‘Write your comment here’

And voila! You’re all set!


You can find a list of the Expert Chats we have lined up in the weeks to come, HERE






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