Here's How to Make a Career Break Work for YOU

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  • 29 Apr 2017


All through the four years of my career break, I have been trying to progress a little at a time, trying to stay focused and trying not to complicate life with my two children. The hiatus has been great, but I am now eager to embrace the metamorphosis – to move on from the chrysalis stage to the butterfly – to spread my wings and fly into a whole new world.

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From soft-skills to life skills 

I worked for close to a decade in the Soft Skill Training and Development Industry. Sure enough I was composed, systematic and enjoyed just what the job demanded – socializing and learning about newer personalities every day.

Suddenly, reality called.

I had to derail from my high-flying career to focus on my children.  Suddenly, nothing else mattered apart from their upbringing and a keen interest in their interests. NOT EVEN MY JOB. 

The Trainer as Trainee

Motherhood undoubtedly, is an art.

It teaches you the art of persuading, the art of reciting endless and never-before-heard stories, the skill to juggle chaos and insomnia, all this while remaining calm with WORK mode on. It turned my world upside-down.

After years of soft-skill training, here I was being trained in skills at handling the most challenging phase in life.  

Everything else took a back seat but truly, no regrets at all.  Why?

Because, if we’re put to the task:

We WILL do it no matter how hard.

We WILL balance work and family life.

We WILL enjoy both worlds despite their own share of daily grumbles.

Do you Hear the Career Clock?

But, as our biological clock is ticking, if we listen closely, we can also hear our career clocks ticking away faster.

It’s a lesson.

A lesson in making the choice – between family and career. Regardless of the choice we make, we must be patient until the missing pieces of the jigsaw fall into place. Eventually they will. All it takes is determination and perserverance, and making the present work for YOU.

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So here are 5 surefire ways to make your career break work for YOU: 

1. Develop patience

Patience is a virtue that motherhood has taught me. This, I’m certain, will help me in getting back to my career path. Although it is not going to be a rosy path, it is one that I will tread, facing any challenge that may come my way, and do what it takes to pursue my dream.

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2. Do Something Different

My career break has helped kindle the creative spark in me. It has not only led me to pen poems on life, it has also given me the opportunity to be Director of a creative academy that indulges in teaching creative skills and tutoring students academically as well. This has been a breath of fresh air in an otherwise routine life with kids. If you can’t go back to your career immediately, try your hand at something new and be pleasantly surprised.

3. Get a support system

A good support system is like a shot in the arm. You can achieve what you set out to achieve if you have a strong backing at every stage. Whether a stay-at-home-mum or a career woman who’s juggling both worlds, all of us need someone to lean on. I sure did get immense support that saw me through the initial phase of being a new mother! I’m now proud to say that I can contribute to and give back to society in my own way, never once compromising on my children

4. Be you!

As women, we have an untiring and ever-positive approach to life. We may miss the sunshine but we never let our sadness get in the way of seeing the stars. We possess an extraordinary quality of being bold and beautiful in an unruffled and composed manner. We prove that it’s all in the attitude, and to this attribute, it’s Viva forever.

5. Be sanguine

Yes although we might crumble once a while, our never-say-die spirit overrides all negativity. It’s difficult to put on a smile when we’re in pain, but we do it anyway. We know education is important but not as important as the lessons that life has to teach us, and that that’s the ONLY way we can progress.

We know life is about courage and sanguinity. We let go, hoping for the best. We take up every opportunity that we see and work hard at what we need to achieve.  



Life is lovely when faced with a smile

When the “S” is aloof life seems a mile

It's difficult to be smiling when in pain

A great man said “no pain no gain”


We all go to school to learn lessons for life

But life teaches us lessons and we get enticed

We acquire a lot from mother nature

She knows we deserve it cause we are her creatures


Ups and downs appear like joint twins

Life is about courage and sanguine

When you know it’s the time to face

Just gather hope and let go in pace


They say we reap what we sow

This appears to life and this we know

Yet we commit blunders every day

Then we cry “god show me the way”

~ Suma Mahesh ~


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 Suma Mahesh is a director of a creative academy. She enjoys writing poetry and intends on publishing her own work soon. An ardent fitness and sports lover, Suma is nestled in the Middle East State of Qatar with her husband and two energetic kids. She loves designing home décor, creating jewellery, and mixed-media art. She also dabbles in DIY recycling and repurposing projects. 


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