Five Hilarious Pieces of Advice every Pregnant Indian Woman Gets (#BlogathonforMums - Entry 3)

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  • 11 Dec 2015

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Advice No. 1: If you want a fair baby then you should eat saffron and avoid all food stuff in dark colors! Hey society why you are worried about my baby's color, Is it you going to bring her up, then why such a concern over my baby! The color of a baby is determined by the genes. The main reason behind why pregnant women should eat saffron is they experience indigestion problem as their uterus grows her tummy gets suppressed. Saffron is a natural remedy for indigestion, so saffron was brought into the tradition for pregnant ladies. They add on telling like if u eat rose apple or grapes the baby will get the darkness of fruit so don't eat, the real fact is it consists of antioxidants that build up immune in babies.

Advice No. 2: You are eating for two! Again a comedy! Oh man, the baby will be probably in grams at the beginning stage till 6 months. why all proposes you are eating for two I don't understand truly. The average women with normal pre-pregnancy weight need extra of 300 calories she can get it from a glass of skimmed milk and a sandwich. Eating for two only leads to obesity and it won't do any kind of favors to babies' growth.

Advice No. 3: Say no to sex! Why should we say no to sex?  Baby is so safe within his/her amniotic sac then why should say no to sex. If a woman is low-risk category sex is not at all a matter to put a full stop. It's a bond between a husband and wife to show intimacy and a way husband prove he likes his wives body even as a mom to be.

Advice No. 4: Judging the gender of the baby! Oops, your hips widen, you are glowing, your stomach is too big, you have morning sickness then you will get a girl baby. Wow you look tired, your stomach is small, you turned ugly you will get a boy baby! has tired of hearing all such story, Nothing is about to change the gender inside the womb, Its already done at the time of conception.

 Advice No. 5: Don't meet a pregnant lady! If two pregnant ladies meet or if they walk together people around will keep evil eyes. Oh such a myth it was, the actual reason behind this is some magnetic rays travels around pregnant women, and if two women meet their baby will be affected because of these harmful rays.

No fear! God is near! Enjoy motherhood!

247710_570505709650290_952721975_nRashmi Mira. A mommy-blogger from Chennai, who completed her IT in 2013. She is the mother of a one year old daughter. Rashmi is a regular writer and you can read her other blog entries, HERE.

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