Find the Wonder Woman in You

  • Ujwala
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  • Career Development
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  • 05 Feb 2018

 Every once in a while we all need that jolt to stop us from falling prey to a dangerously monotonous routine - a routine that stereotypes us into gender-specific roles created by society. It's time to rise above it all and find your TRUE calling. It's time you became more self-aware and focused on what YOU need to do for YOURSELF - personally, and professionally.

And every once in a while we are lucky enough to have a mentor to guide us through this process of introspection and self-awareness. 

In this thought-provoking session powered by JobsForHer, Sriram K A - Senior Manager, People Strategy, HR, Sapient Consulting - takes you on a journey to realizing that wonder woman in you, to help you spread those wings and soar to greater heights in your second career.

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