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  • 26 May 2017


There are but 24 hours in a day. Being a working mother doesn't mean that you have extra arms, limbs, or grey matter. You are playing two significant roles on any given day. The only way to cope, manage, and on some days, SURVIVE is to multitask, and set realistic expectations. Admit to yourself that you are ONE person tending to the needs of many others. So, how do we manage it all? 

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Here are some of my tips and tricks: 

1) Equip yourself with what you need: Invest in gadgets that simplify your work- whether it is a vegetable chopping machine, a washing machine, or a four-burner stove. Today, we have the choice to ease our work, such as using ready-to-use dosa batter, or cleaned and cut vegetables which can be bought off the shelf. Choose what enables the task on hand to be done efficiently. 

2) Schedule routine tasks: These include payment of bills, laundry, ironing, grocery shopping, and other jobs that you can control WHEN they need to get done. Choose days when you are not hard pressed for time, and work can be carried out by you without much thought.

Minimize stress.


3) Organise your workdays and weekends: Minimize your home workload during the week while maintaining a balance, so that you get some downtime on the weekend as well. Something like keeping meals simple during the week and indulging the family in extravagant cooking over the weekend can be a simple win-win. 

4) Share the task load: Your spouse may take on payment of bills or help with the laundry, domestic help can assist with chores, also using options of grocery/milk delivery services saves you time making runs to the store. 

Try not to be exacting and critical. Each one does tasks their way; staying open-minded helps delegate and appreicate the efforts of others. 

5) Use your vacation time: You definitely need time off. While you may plan some of it to get bank work and such done, save some time to have fun with the family. Vacations are not meant only to travel; use the time to rejuvenate yourself and bond with your kids even if it means just a trip to the park.

6) Decide and set aside quality time with your children: Working mothers are often guilty about not spending enough time with their children. Let's be clear that it's not the amount of time but the quality of time. Time spent with them without other distractions, even if it's a mere half hour a day, is good enough. Technology has brought us more options- video chat if your job means you work crazy hours and don't get to see them during the day. Read to them if you're home by bed time. Talk to them on the phone when you know they get back home from school. Stay connected. Children just love to talk to you. They feel the warmth in your smile and are happy to be heeded.

7) Make time to bond with your spouse: You are two individuals with varied interests. May be your spouse isn't inclined to set aside time to bond. Be selfish, and demand it. No relationship survives unless it is nurtured and cared for. Even if it means you have a meal together at home. It's good enough. 

Life in reality is not like a well-rehearsed drama show or a beautiful calendar picture. It is how we paint it for ourselves. Appreciate simplicity, do your best, and be grateful for each day of good health and small happiness.


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Rohini Majella, a commerce graduate with a PG Diploma in Management. Mother of a tween, she chose to manage home after a decade in the Financial Services Industry.  Rohini, has contributed to JobsForHer and CMCA, as a volunteer. She is a voracious crocheter, a happy baker and an experimental reader.



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