Doing away with Pregnancy Tests before Recruiting a Woman

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  • 28 Apr 2015

“Our case is that if you are not being inclusive on issues including gender, you are running a faulty design (for acquisition).” Rajesh Dahiya - President of Human Resources at Axis Bank Outrageous practices such as pregnancy tests for married female new-recruits are severely hindering talent-acquisition in India’s big banks. At a time when our parliament has seen fit to do away with archaic laws that affect the employment of transgender people in our country, these institutions, who otherwise innovate and pioneer in their field to create wealth for the nation, seem trapped in erstwhile practices that are extremely gender-biased. It is now proving detrimental to them in terms of losing out on good talent. Axis Bank is one bank in India that has done away with this practice.  This may or may not be because the leader at their helm is an outstandingly successful woman with two children, but it is food for thought. Read more in this Economic Times Mumbai article:

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