Chatting LIVE with Change Champion - Sunita Cherian, Senior VP, Corporate HR, and Global Head, I&D, Wipro Limited

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  • 25 Nov 2019


HerRising - JobsForHer's flagship networking event, and India's largest conference and career fair for women professionals was a day of all sorts.

From the conference that boasted of an insightful agenda to the career fair that housed diverse companies with job opportunities; from eye-opening panel discussions to effective workshops; from mentors, speakers, and coaches, all highly experienced and seasoned, every agenda was curated with a woman's career growth at the forefront. 

And to make sure we had the cake and ate it too,  we also had exclusive FB Live discussions with all our speakers and panelists. 

We kickstarted the day with Change Champion Sunita Cherian, Senior VP, Corporate HR, and Global Head, Inclusion & Diversity, Wipro Limited who rides high on 23+ years of work experience with the organisation.

She was amazed at all that we had lined up for the woman who wants to START.RESTART.RISE in her career. Adding great value to her presence at HerRising, Sunita had astute advice for the women to takeaway. She said:

It isn't just family or just career. It's both. The real trick to ensure that no one goal gets permanent up over the other...."

2) "The prime thing is THE CHOICES YOU MAKE.
Well, right or wrong, you have to manoeuver your goals accordingly and move in that direction. Like for me, having done engineering, come into Sales with Wipro, and then move into HR. So, to pick an organization which will allow you that flexibility, which will trust you, which will groom you..."

This and more, from a woman with solid experience and a great organization backing her.

WATCH the video to know more of what she shared with the women online and at the HerRising conference.


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