Career Advice - Nobody Ever Gave You!

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  • 28 Aug 2018

When it comes to your CAREER, any advice is good advice. People may bombard you with career advice based entirely on what they feel is right for you. The question is what do you follow? The most important point to understand here is that learning never stops. No matter how experienced you are at a job, you will always have something new to learn in it. However, you should be able to understand what career advice is best suited for you.

Career Advice

One career advice you definitely need to give a second thought to is when people advise you to follow your dreams. Now, I'm all up for chasing your dreams and that kind of stuff. But, the reality is far from that. Our best career may turn out to be the one we are greatly skilled in and not the one that we always wanted for us. I would ask you to ignore the disappointing feeling - that you couldn't follow your dream job. A more appropriate career advice here from my end would be to evaluate options for both - the career in your hand as well as the one you want to pursue. Where your skills suit the most, would become your ideal career!

A Third Person's Opinion

My uncle once said to me, "If you want to ask somebody for career advice, who would you go to?" I told him that I'd go to someone who is in an excellent position in their respective industry. My uncle said, "Of course they are going to paint you a shiny picture of the industry they are in. They have climbed their way up to the top already!" I was stumped. Then, he told me, "You should always take an outsider's perspective as well, as they will tell you the other side of the story. Then, you'll be able to make a balanced, well-informed decision."

Getting Bored is Not an Option

Another great career advice that I read in a blog a long time ago was to NEVER GET FED UP. Even if you're working at a job that's not giving you returns as nicely as you expected, you should not give up easily. My friend once said, "See, if the job's not for you, you'll get to know. Don't worry about that. But don't stop yourself just by looking at the rewards and returns you're getting." You should analyze if you're going wrong somewhere, and fix it. The biggest entrepreneurs and professionals today, started small somewhere. They had to toil and persevere for a long time before they actually started enjoying the payoffs from their work.


Renuka Sharma, a successful entrepreneur in Indore, replied to a girl's question regarding career advice on a popular question-and-answer site. She said, "I always found it easier to comprehend success when I had a mentor looking over me. I applied the same methodology when it came to me handling my team. Rather than giving orders, I found that my team responded better when I acted as a mentor to them. I feel this is a chain reaction. A mentee will learn from their mentor and pass on the same philosophy at work. It promotes a healthy work environment."

Never Say NO

Never say no to new experiences. Always be open to meeting new friends, making new contacts, learning new things, and gathering new experiences. Whenever we say NO, we miss out on an opportunity to try something we haven’t tried before. For this, we need to stop over-booking ourselves. I mean, we need to keep some hours free for us to allow room for newer conversations, newer experiences, and newer knowledge. Always keep yourself open and free in a way that if an unexpected opportunity comes your way, you do not need to think twice before you grab it.


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