BeGalileo is Changing the Restart Game!

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  • 01 Dec 2017

In this age of artificial intelligence, where everything our children do seems to us as foreign as the science fiction books of our childhood, here is a company that is finding a way to humanize technology, adapt it to the way we work with children, and enable women to restart their careers in work-from-home, flexible roles.


Who are they?

beGalileo Learning Center is a fast-growing education technology company based in Bangalore, India. Through their Learning Centers, they add the human touch to their time-tested technology-enabled learning.

In the process, they enable educated and motivated women in neighborhoods across India to play a role in taking their education system many steps into the future.


They are super passionate about making a difference in the life of every child who learns with them. Every individual in the company and every task that they do is driven by this passion.

They are a women-friendly work environment by design:

  • Being a work from home system, they provide women the opportunity to be available for their families when they are needed at home,
  • It offers flexible work timings in the truest sense, as the timings are decided by the women themselves,
  • They also have the option of deciding how many batches they want to take, and to spread them across the week in a way best suited to their lives

If you’re a woman on a break who wants to work with children and do it from the comfort of YOUR kingdom, your home, where your heart is, then take a look at what beGalileo has in store for your career come back.


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