At Shell, (Gender) Balance Means Business

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  • 29 Mar 2018


Have you ever thought about why Europe’s largest oil and gas corporation – Shell – is named after something your children collect on beaches while on holiday?

It’s because 120 years ago two brothers founded The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company (quotation marks included) in homage to their father, who had owned an antique company in London, which expanded in 1833 to import and sell seashells...

And today, the Shell symbol across India is universally known for petrol stations that will guarantee you at least 1 or 2 friendly female faces on staff, when you drive in to fill up your car or bike.


And, as part of our Women’s March 2018, they’re hiring women on a breakthrough JobsForHer.

About Shell India

Shell India has been named among the top ten companies in the 2017 Working Mother and AVTAR 100 Best Company for Women in India awards. For Shell, diversity and inclusion are a part of its core value and one of the founding premises of the company’s global theme, ‘Balance means Business’. The concept is built on the foundation that better gender balance leads to greater business performance.

Currently, Shell India has over 12% women in leadership positions.

More importantly, in a predominantly male industry, Shell has strived to incorporate 25% women in their overall workforce. Shell’s service stations alone boast 20% female professionals.

The company’s progressive and woman-friendly human resource policies have ensured that the overall attrition of female members tanked by 31 percent compared to last year. Targeted leadership programs for women in the middle and senior levels have been designed specifically to counter gender-specific leadership challenges.

Shell has also engaged men in accelerating gender balance via targeted engagements through mediums like inclusive leadership theatre workshops, storytelling sessions, etc. Additionally, the diversity and inclusion efforts instill an overall supportive culture which paves the way for career enhancement.


SBO-Chennai is one of Shell’s fastest growing Business Operations locations and plays a crucial role in delivering Finance Operations activities including continuous improvement for both Finance and Enterprise-wide data organization. Finance & Data Operations provides a single point of accountability for operating Finance & data processes, through standardization/best practice operations, continuous improvement and controls globally.

An SBO-Chennai career could see you carrying out core Shell business Financial & Data Operations such as:

  • Reporting & Analysis,
  • Direct Taxation,
  • Controls & Compliance,
  • Local Statutory Reporting,
  • Data Management, and
  • Analytics

Chennai also houses global operation commercial services and customer operations for Trading and Lubricants respectively.

At SBO-Chennai you will play an instrumental role in seeing that our world-class standards are upheld across our global markets.

As such, we are looking for women to join our team who have a desire to learn and contribute to our continued success.

With us, you will enjoy:

  • Competitive remuneration and benefits,
  • Personal and professional development opportunities, and
  • Be part of an inclusive working environment


Started in 2015, the Shell IT Centre Bangalore is one of the four Global IT hubs for Shell that forms an integral part of our IT project delivery and support network. We provide IT services to all our businesses – Upstream, Downstream and Projects & Technology – as well as associated support functions.

Join the first IT center established by an energy leader in India and partner with some of the leading names in the industry.

You will have the opportunity to work on pioneering initiatives that truly make a difference to the energy needs of our changing world. Your work will not only impact society today, it will also help find new ways to make and use energy for the future.

You could also be part of a diverse, motivated team with a supportive and inclusive culture.


Re-energizing a Woman’s Career: Start Something Remarkable

With the aim to embrace gender diversity in Shell Business Operations Chennai, we created a program, Project Re-energize, to support women who have been on a career break, due to various reasons, and who aim to start a remarkable career with Shell.

We continue to see great potential in women who have the ability to balance both the demands of personal and professional roles.

With this, Project Re-energize looks to provide YOU the opportunity to restart your professional career, with mentoring, flexibility and encouragement to support your goal to succeed.

“India’s unique fabric of cultural and familial values may sometimes put our women in positions where it becomes more difficult for them to continue or return to work - especially after breaks arising out of life-changing events. We want to be an organization that understands these challenges, values our women workforces’ personal commitments and allows them to contribute & grow alongside Shell.

Through Project ‘Re-Energize’, the intent is to give each successful female applicant the opportunity to custom-define her career path, supported by elements of training and mentorship to help her better deliver in her role.

Thus, instead of a ‘family OR work’ conversation, it becomes a ‘family AND work’ choice.

I feel strongly for such initiatives and am personally committed to providing a caring, nurturing and empowering work-environment to Shell India’s women employees." – Nitin Prasad, Country Chair, Shell India

"At Shell Business Operations, Chennai, we commit ourselves to a high degree of CARE – care for one's self and for each other! It is remaining true to this duty that strengthens our inclusive culture and that contributes to Shell truly being a great place to work. We continue to take on initiatives to create a good balance of diversity in the workplace.

Project Re-energize, a campaign led by our recruitment team, helps to increase gender diversity in the workplace by reaching out to women who have been on a career break due to a variety of personal reasons that include marriage, getting a higher degree of education, taking a sabbatical, and the like.

I have always seen huge potential in women who strive to create a good balance of managing their personal commitments and their professional careers.

I respect the hard work they go through and I am with them in achieving their goal to succeed in both." Karthikeyan Selvaraj, General Manager, Shell Business Operations, Chennai

Women-Friendly Policies:

  • Maternity Leave: 26 weeks of paid maternity leave for all women staff
  • Paternity Leave: 5 days of paternity leaves
  • Child-care Facilities: Child Care allowance is offered additionally
  • Sexual Harassment Policy: POSH policy and independent core committee prevalent
  • Transportation Facilities: Safe GPS tracked transportation for applicable staff
  • Flexi Option: Part-time, Flexitime and job sharing available on need basis
  • Amenities for Women: Exclusive wellness room for lactating mothers, transport to pick up/drop kids from creche
  • Networks & Benefits: Shell Women's Network in Chennai offers mentoring and support at work
  • Comprehensive Medical and Insurance benefits
  • Gender-Neutral Culture and Equal Opportunity mindset

This is a company that every woman on a break should seriously consider in her primary restart options, given the years they’ve spent perfecting how to build balance for business so that every one of their employees can enjoy work AND family.


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