Alleviate the Guilt: From One Career-Break Mom to Another

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  • 10 Sep 2015

My child looks at me with accusing eyes. I feel my stomach turn; my demeanour feigns confidence in what I have just told him to do. But, I am racked with guilt, and chide myself for raising him without any prior training or a manual to guide me. And, guess what? I’m a hands-on stay-at-home mom who feels guilty for most... okay, ALL of my decisions these days! Doing it differently doesn't ease the pain either, because that brings stress.

It is all in the mind. Guilt is a wasted emotion. Empower yourself with the singular thought that every decision you make is the best one at that point of time.

So, here's what I'm going do - respect my decisions & alienate the emotions.

And of course embrace my “friends” - Plan, Organise, & Delegate!

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Here are a few news articles that I put together to inspire and motivate other career-break moms, just like me, for the week and weekend ahead:

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A New Definition of Mother:

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