After a 2-year break, back to work by networking and upskilling.

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  • 23 May 2019


"There were multiple reasons for taking a break from my rock solid 16-year IT career. My prime reason was relocation to the Netherlands. I also wanted quality time with my daughter, AND, with myself. I wanted to pamper myself, rediscover myself.

All was going well until we relocated back home. 

I’d never been ‘out of job’ in all my previous years in Bangalore. But it wasn’t the case this time. My career was my most prized possession. It was a reflection of my efforts, my experiences, my personality, and my identity.

Luckily, JobsForHer happened, and through the connect, networking happened. I felt confident to start my second innings. However, I had to bridge the gap when it came to skills, market fluctuations, hiring freezes, etc. It was one of those phases where you feel challenged by everyone and everything.

But just as nothing is permanent, that phase too passed. And here I am today, 2 years later, renewed and reskilled to restart my career with Intel as a Systems Architect."


Motivation is what Kiranmayi Chaganti found with JobsForHer, to return to her career.

What do YOU need to START.RESTART.RISE in YOUR career?

Find it with JobsForHer


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