5 Hilarious Pieces of Advice Every Pregnant Indian Woman Gets (#BlogathonForMums)

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  • 17 Dec 2015

This entry is part of the Babyoye Blogathon for Mums

Being Prego, is like blessed to be Stressed.The best feeling in the world ' Mom-to-be'..This exciting news brings stream of Joy and happiness in the family.

And now,People start being extra caring,extra worried and extra loving. Time to enjoy the attention. Yes, but things aren't that pretty Smooth as they seem... Then, comes bunch of invited or sometimes uninvited advices. Some really useful while few very difficult to gulp.. Like the below:

1. Don't tell anyone about for atleast 3 months: A belief that initial days of pregnancy are quite crucial. There might be some evil eyes who can affect, elders say. I don't think so..when the baby is destined to Come, Nobody in the Universe can stop them... 2. Eat For Two: There's an order by mom-in-law to follow a diet which is very healthy. You are to eat for two now says Mom. While experts say that a mom-to-be needs just a few more calories than the regular one.

3. Don't wear Red/Black Clothes: You are Strictly prohibited to wear these colours. I have no idea, what logic it follows.

4. Don't trespass trees, especially at night: A belief that the spirits dwell in tress..Those kind wouldn't harm while those cruel can cast a negative spell. Do these things exist??

5. Don't have sex during pregnancy: I know initial months, you need to be careful. But later it doesn't harm in any manner,if we stick to certain favourable positions..There comes a big No. Why?? And By the way, who comes and sees. Most Importantly, the decision should rest upon the couple,not to anybody else.

Khushi Babnani

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