5 Cool Start-Ups In Our Line-Up This Week

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  • 23 Jun 2015

ABLE BRAIN An IIT-Bombay alumni initiative in the field of Applied Science & Technology, Able Brain caters to universities and private institutions. They focus on job skills and IT training that help bridge the employability gap. Incepted from the need to develop a skilled pool of community-focused technology talent, while keeping abreast of the constantly evolving IT landscape, they have since been recognized for their life-long customized mentoring for every individual. To see more, about their dynamic management team and the training, attention and support they provide their employees, go here:   ZOOJOO.BE

A game-based social wellness platform that unites company workforces to form healthier habits. The platform leverages the tremendous power of trusted social networks at workplaces to motivate employees to form healthier habits. They have the coolest “About Us” page that we’ve seen (so far), magnificently clothed in StarWars vocabulary and graphics. Definitely a super-cool start-up in our roster this week:   ITTISA DIGITAL MEDIA SERVICES They are different. No, they really are! The first ever GIRLS-ONLY digital media agency. Defiantly individual, when put together they whip out the most creative, innovative and unimaginable work.

Ittisa strikes that magical balance between business and art, intuition and reason, playfulness and formality. Ittisa – ‘the ruler’, in Sanskrit – want to rule the creative world with their highly creative and passionate team. It is the first creative agency to have 100% women on their rolls. Are you looking for a job that requires creativity coupled with business sense? Then check them out, here:   STHETIX IN STONE This is a small-sized, niche-market, marble & sandstone company built on the skill and expertise of 30+ years seasoned craftsmen, who are constantly improving the detailing and the lightness necessary to make crafted stone lighter and more suitable for urban homes and small spaces. They want architects and developers who are as passionate about adding value, with customized design and installation in all areas related to commercial spaces, apartments and homes. This sets them apart for select upmarket projects.

While interior products are an obvious market, they would rather use applicants’ skills in social media to reach out to fewer numbers in the niche development of exclusive homes. Samples of their projects are available on their website. Work at our company can be done at a convenient pace and is ideal for those who are passionate about design, can illustrate, and would like to start with a few hours a week, dealing with exclusive products. Does this sound like a company that’s perfect for your sense of work-life balance?  If it does, then go here to apply:  

ICECREAM LABS BRANDS & ADVERTISING TECHNOLOGIES There are 300 million images shared every day and 4 billion videos viewed every day. Ice-cream Labs ( uses AI, deep-learning and computer-vision to help create new experiences around this vast amount of image and video content. They build solutions in ad-tech, commerce and social engagement on web and mobile. Their first ad-tech solution is a new digital ad-tech platform that is ready for global launch, with current marquee global brands as customers. Their next step is working with global e-commerce brands to increase consumer engagement and create new shopping experiences to increase overall transaction value and sales. Here is an opportunity to work alongside a stellar start-up team lassoed from titan schools like Stanford and the IITs. They are an ambitious and dedicated team of professionals who also believe in having fun as they build on their vision for the future in digital advertising. To learn more about this adventurous, no-fear, big-vision, future-friendly start-up, go here:

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