10 Secret Reasons I'm So Happy to be a Working Woman!

  • Schonali Rebello
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  • 05 May 2016


Our team, as most now know, is made up primarily of women who restarted their careers after a personal break, JUST LIKE YOU!

We were sitting around at lunch the other day and a discussion came up about what we miss the LEAST about being at home, now that each of us is a working woman again.

Here are 10 reasons that won, hands down! Read, laugh, tell us YOURS, and SHARE this with other women who you know will appreciate a good laugh today!


1) Being dependent on someone else for money!

buffy counting money tina fey showered with money


2) Feeling guilty about my shopping!

Minions Shopping

Cher Shopping


3) Doing laundry & matching socks!

paris hilton laundry

matching socks


4) Explaining "What I Do"

amy poelher mum

mama look at me


5) Making beds!

making the bed

making the bed 2


 6) Deciding what to cook for breakfast, lunch & dinner!

funny cooking


7) The constant mood swings!

anne hathaway mood swingsmood swings

8) Doing silly things to kill time!

singing hairdryer

laundry dance


9) Feeling isolated...

lonely woman 1

tina fey lonely


10) Cleaning up!

ella enchanted cleaning

cleaning toys with toddler


What are YOU least going to miss when we place you in your dream job?

SHARE this blog and tell the world the secret reason YOU want to return to work!

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