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  • 16 Mar 2016

Manisha Dasappa took an 8-year (un)intentional break from her career, and found her path back to the workforce through JobsForHer, with a job that she loves that also gives her the time and space to love her family!

When Manisha left the work scene 8 years ago, it was to enjoy the perks of being married, which fortunately for her, the circumstances allowed. That then led to her break being extended, to have her two children.

Manisha did not approach her career-restart by looking for a job. She only wanted to explore if she was ready to test the waters again, although she was also aware of her own inhibitions; whether she was willing to put herself out there again, whether she was going to be refused on grounds of being outdated after that long a break. But, soon, she was ready – after a 10 month course during which she combated those very inhibitions.

Today, through JobsForHer, Manisha Dasappa has found her place at Pink Lemonade, a firm that specializes in visual & written communication across various spectrums.

As luck would have it, her family and she were on the same page. Her husband was nothing short of extremely supportive, and so proud of her for resurfacing. Her kids, she says, have accommodated the change the best! Her 5-year-old even took a cut-out of an ad she’d recently worked on to show it off at school! The elders of the family didn’t really voice their skepticism but took a while to get around the idea of her return to the work front.

But, with happiness in her tone, Manisha says she keeps too busy to dwell on any negativity around her.

Her words of advice to all women restarting their careers is, “Give it some time and everything and everyone will fall into place!”

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Testimonials like these make our work feel less like work and more like, AWESOME!

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MANISHA DASAPPA is currently in Client Servicing at Pink Lemonade. She holds a BA in Advertising Management and is a mother to a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old. Under her belt of experience, she carries a clothing line she ran for two years in the name of DaRa and being a wedding planner with The Leela Palace Hotel, Bangalore.

If this story has inspired you to find your way back to work, then JobsForHer is here for you! Create your profile, upload your resume, and get set to restart!

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